Collected Works

Starting from our most recent back to our first films- here are all of the Mad Royal productions currently out in the world! Please watch, comment and share with friends!

A Real Murder (That Actually Happened) (Work in progress) – Autumn Semester Film

A true crime satire following a gang of podcasters investigating the “murder” of a local school teacher.

Blood in the Mirror (2019) – 3 Weeks of Terror

Katie (Emmy Pascual) attends a wild halloween party, but something’s on her mind. Winner of Mid-Ohio Filmmaker’s Association 3 Weeks of Terror Best Film, Best Actress, Best Score. Nominated for Best Editing, Best Supporting Actress.

Waning Moon (2019) – 3 Weeks of Terror

A former child actress (Erin Parsons), followed by a mysterious documentary crew, is faced with the existential dread of her daily life. No longer being in the spotlight of society, but rather the target of her own internal struggle.

White Claw (2019) – 3 Weeks of Terror

A college kid (Roman Sanchez) wakes up from a night of partying, with a bite mark on his stomach and no recollection of how he got it. Is this a killer hangover? Or something more sinister?

The Rush (2019) – 3 Weeks of Terror

Hanging out with a new group of people for a movie night takes an unexpected turn.

In Need of Direction (2019) – Spring Semester Film

A romantic comedy based around a director (Erin Parsons) interviewing couples about their relationships, but finds herself in need of direction when it comes to her own romances.

Cute Aggression (2019) – Small Group Film

Cute aggression refers to the almost overwhelming urge to do violence to an object that we find incredibly adorable, such as a young animal or a baby.

Denim Life (2019) – Small Group Film

A boy finds a VHS tape with an old infomercial for a whole line of denim products…

Laundromat (2018) – Autumn Semester Film

Happy Trails (2018) – 3 Weeks of Terror

Tom (Zach Schaffer) follows the mystery of an old VHS tape to find more than just happy trails. Winner of MOFA 3 Weeks of Terror Best Film.

Pigs (2018) – 3 Weeks of Terror

On the way to a Halloween party, our protagonist opts for some tricks rather than treats for the men in her life.

It’s Your Call (2017) – Spring Semester Film

Sam (Zach Schaffer) wakes up on a creepy game show and is forced to play three games, all led by an eccentric, manipulative host (Jaime Mah).